Hong Kong National Team

“Lee joined us for 4 weeks in October/November, 2014 to work with our elite national squad at the Hong Kong Institute of Sport. During this time he worked hard and used all aspects of pool training with both our senior and junior squad members. He provided a detailed report for each player and his insights proved very useful – a number of which have been introduced to our regular training sessions and overall planning. I would be very happy to provide more details to any persons looking for more information”. Wayne Griffiths – Head Coach – Hong Kong Institute of Sport –

Shane Van Boening

Darren Appleton

John Morra

Corey Deuel

Jennifer Barretta

You changed my stroke thanks. If anyone wants good advice or needs help, Lee Brett helped me with my problems.


Shane Van Boening

To Whom it may concern.


I have known Lee Brett for around 5 years, he has given me lots of advice regarding my cue action, and told me what I should do to improve my grip.


After receiving a second opinion and trying what he said, my results have been amazing in the past few months, and I feel like I am finally dominating pool.


I am a perfectionist and always searching for improvement. but this new technique of mine is the best thing I have discovered so far in my career, and so I wouldn't have any hesitation in sending future players and professionals Lee's way, technically and fundamentals he is a very good coach.


Darren Appleton


Hi my name is John Morra,


I'm from Toronto Canada and I'm 25 years old, I've been playing pool since I was 5. I met Lee Brett 6 years and ago, whilst he was coaching out of shooters pool and snooker room. Lee taught me quite a few things, that I still and will always use to better my game.


Lee has a very good approach as far as to teaching the fundamentals of pool and snooker. He taught me for about 1 month, before I went back on the road in America, what I've learned has gone a long way for my game.  Lee has continued over the years to be my coach and give me advice and help with my game. 


Lee is very good at communicating with players and gives a good sense of inspiration and drive to whoever is willing to listen. I compete all over the world, and many players I compete against know Lee and what he teaches, and I'm appreciative to have worked with Lee.


John Morra

I have worked with lee, and think of him as a great instructor. I would honestly rather listen to his teaching method than some of the top instructors in the usa. 


Lee Brett really helped me with my game so far. Pool players at any level would learn a lot from you're instruction, and I look forward to working with you more. Thanks for all the help.


Corey Deuel

I had the pleasure of working with Lee personally, and later watched his DVD. What I really loved is that everything he taught me was so simple, and my shotmaking went up immediately.


Now when i'm struggling I have a solid routine to fall back on, and something to focus on when the pressure mounts. I just hope my opponents don't buy his video.


Jenn Baretta

Phil Burford

Eric Dockerty

Lee is a very nice person, that is willing to help fellow pool players in any way His expertise and coaching skills were shown to me at the GB9 UK tour tournament, Lee opened my eyes to certain aspects of my cue action. I then went onto the next day win the pro cup.

His knowledge in the field of cue sports is at a very high level. Lee is great at teaching and his kind warm personality comes out in his work.


Phil Burford

I had a few hours with lee as i was struggling with my concentration and pre shot routine, having spent time with lee with coaching it was no coincidence i won my first gb9 ball tour event after only 3 events entered.


Definitely helped me with crucial shots and shots i was uncertain with, to prepare myself properly, massively important to know these things, amateur level or pro level


2011 - GB9 Southern Masters Challenge Tour Winner


Eric Dockerty

Danny Olson

Hi, my names Danny Olson. I'm 19 years old and love pool. I've been playing competitively since I was 11.


I've won many state, national and international titles. A few months ago I came across a video promo for Lee Brett's "The Secret Art of Pool". I didnt know who he was, but he had some fresh ideas ideas that intrigued me.


I hadn't had any formal instruction for a while, so I got in contact with him.

A while later in Vegas at the BCA we were having a very productive 4 hour lesson. I already had good fundamentals, but he quickly found 3 or 4 flaws in my fundamentals that I think only a previous snooker coach would have noticed. Overall, I was very impressed.


I'm very glad I had the experience of learning from him.


After working on what he showed me I had a bit of a breakthrough and a week later I won the VNEA Masters 8 ball and got 2nd in the 9ball. Thanks Lee!"


Danny Olson

Matt Krah

"I started using Lee's vgrip technique about about a month ago and since then I have won 5 tournaments in a row.


This grip really helps keep me loose in pressure situations and have complete control over the cue ball. I recommend any player who wants to take their game to the next level to give this grip a try."


Matt Krah

Mike Massey

My name is Mike Massey, I am a world class, international pool and billiard expert and trick shot artist.


have been traveling the world for 30 years giving clinics, competing in tournaments and entertaining audiences.


I have had the pleasure to meet and converse with Lee Brett. Additionally I have had the opportunity to review his pocket billiard instructional book the secret art of pool, and Lee Brett brings to the billiard and pool players a new, unique method and technique to improve and elevate the pool players production and efficiency. I have also heard and read great things about his DVD of the same name.


I have encouraged him to immediately commence a pool instruction school. It would benefit billiard players and billiard establishments throughout the united states.


Mike Massey




I would like to attest to the exceptional abilities and character of Mr. Lee Brett.


It has been my pleasure to be introduced to his teaching skills. This has been done through his fine teaching skills as well as his incredible book and dvd.


Having been in the billiards industry for 20 years, and considered one of the top master custom cue makers available as well as a very accomplished player, I have never seen anything that so totally opens up the mystery of playing pool.


His defining, and simplifying, critical points allow everyone to learn, and enjoy the game of pool. He has offered insight into the v-grip (a term that he has coined) that is truly brilliant. The genius of it becomes evident when students begin to learn the technique and it exposes the flaws in their own style. Something that is never shown much less understood.


Mr. Brett not only teaches amateurs but also is well known for teaching and coaching the best professionals in the world. His expertise is known across the billiard world.


Michael Lambros





I asked Lee for his help when he was coaching out of the annex club in Toronto, March 2009. I played snooker before I met lee, and my high run at snooker was 68. My high run is now 118, and i have also had 103 and 6 breaks over 90.



I reached my first final in the Canadian snooker qualifiers, and also qualified for the Canadian finals for the 1st time. I am now ranked 17 in Canada and I also work on the things that lee showed me every day.


I always ask him when is he coming back to help me more with my game.

I would highly recommend lee, as he is a brilliant coach and instantly notices peoples weaknesses and how to improve your game.


Demos Zachariou




I would like to confirm that Mr. Lee Brett provided coaching over a twenty week period to myself and Mr David Kemp, at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in the summer of 2009.


Lee’s coaching on the fundamentals of stroke mechanics changed my approach to potting and essentially reinvented my game. Fundamentals of the bridge, grip, posture, sighting, alignment, and stroke mechanics were all introduced, demonstrated and taught in a way that was understandable and repeatable.


Lee went on to provide exercises which we practiced in between coaching sessions to reinforce the lesson, and which were reviewed at the following lesson.


I would engage Mr. Brett again for further lessons if possible. My potting and cue ball control has improved immeasurably thanks to his coaching. While I am and will only ever be an amateur enthusiast of billiards and pool, thanks to Lee, I now have the fundamentals necessary to continue improving and enjoying my game.


Gil Lamothe




I would like to express my positive experiences regarding coaching and instruction from Lee Brett. I am an accomplished snooker player and 9 ball player and have participated in many training seminars, including a weekend course with a certified BCA master.


Although these courses are well structured they were not as

personally catered to my needs as Lee’s coaching technique. I found it refreshing not to be told “do it our way” where Lee would help me “do it my way just better.” The one on one instructions were intense and the notes for training and practice were detailed and helped me focus on specific areas between lessons.


When playing in a 9 ball tournament and finishing higher than ever before, the pool hall manager asked me what happened, your game has jumped 5 notches. I praised Lee Brett’s teaching techniques and he then reached out to see if there was a way to have Lee fly out to Seattle and put on some coaching seminars.


Martin Tarvydas





12 months ago I received the coaching from Lee Brett in Toronto. I have been playing snooker for 20 years, and I love it.


However, even I keep playing all the time and I don’t see too much improvement on my skill. Lee provided me certain adjustment on my stance, way to aim, my grip, and couple way to practice. Then, I had seen a significant improvement on my skill, plus extended my consistency.


My friends realized my skill has been improved, and they like to meet Lee. Unfortunately, Lee couldn’t stay in Toronto for long, otherwise, I would like to ask

him for more coaching. Although it’s only 12 hours coaching, Lee provided me many unique suggestion and it’s really helpful on my game playing.


Louis Goenarto





Lee Brett coached myself and numerous other players in my area, as we all had

heard so much about his "V" grip technique and his coaching techniques on AZ

Billiards (http://www.azbilliards.com - the largest pool forum in the United States).


Lee’s technique is a fresh approach to pool instruction where core information

hasn’t changed in over a hundred years.


The fundamentals I was taught were Lee's “1 to 5 set up system“ coupled with

the "V grip" and as well as his “100% aiming system.” These techniques

paired with his unrelenting encouragement have enabled me to not only make

my highest run ever at straight pool (62), but also helped me get higher runs on a

more consistent basis.


I would highly recommend Lee to any pool player looking to improve his/her

game. He would without a doubt be a strong asset to any pool organization.


Dave Segal




I also had an opportunity to take a pool lesson with Snooker Coach, Lee Brett. It was time well spent. Lee is looking to publish a book on the V Grip as well as many other things that he shared with me in my lesson.


I can tell you from personal observation and experience that Lee knows some things that other instructors do not. Besides that, Lee Brett is a genuine pool talent. I've never seen ANY player who could ACCURATELY pot the object ball while hitting the cue at the speeds he does.


Lee's got something going on and has a unique way of describing his techniques. If he learns to slow down his speech when talking to us Yanks, he will soon be giving up all the secrets.


Being from Liverpool, (yes, the same place as the Beatles), he's got a bit of an accent and just has to slow down his rapid fire talking and he will impress many with his knowledge.


Joey Aguzin





Definitely one of the best videos out there. Not just for beginners or intermediates since they are so involved in the basics. For the advanced player looking to take their game to the next level. Can you imagine a teacher who has gotten rave reviews from many a pro player helping you with your game.  -


Thomas Chu