The "V" Grip

The “V” grip is my own technique, that i teach on how to hold the cue. It has had huge success and i get lots of emails off people asking about the “V” grip and can i explain more about it.

The best way is to buy the DVD, as there is a section in the DVD about the “V” grip, I have also came up with a question and answer section below to explain in better detail the “V” grip. If you have any questions about the “V” grip feel free to email me

Q : What is the “V” grip?

A : The “V” grip is the shape the thumb and index finger create when holding the cue, before and after the shot.

Q : Where does the cue sit exactly between the index finger and thumb?

A : The cue sits on the index finger, so this finger acts as a hinge for the cue to go back and forth on, the thumb keeps the cue from fall out the side door.

Q : Why hold the cue this way?

A : By holding the cue with the “V” grip, you allow the fingers to extend fully through the shot.

Q : What advantage does this have?

A : By holding the cue with the “V” grip it guides the cue through the cue ball, and helps you hit through the cue ball 100%, and not quit on the shot.

Q : How tight should i hold the cue?

A : With soft relaxed lazy hands.

Q : Why with soft hands?

A : By holding the cue with soft hands and not choking the cue, this enables the cue to do the work and enables the cue to get through the cue ball with better timing and control. At no point of the shot cut of the lifeline of the cue, by this I mean, don't grip the cue and choke the cue on the follow-through, let the cue breathe.

Q : Do you have any pictures of the “V” grip?

A : yes, see the pictures below of myself and other professional players with a distinct “V” grip technique.

Q : What do the other 3 fingers do, if the index finger and thumb guide the cue?

A : They caress the cue very lightly and the cue sits on these fingers, they also help keep the cue stable.

Q : Is that all they do?

A : No, they are also used for the power we need for each shot.

Q : How do they work for the power of each shot?

A : The back 3 fingers will open fully for full power, and just the little finger opens for controlled and softer shots.

See how the index finger is extended forward in the picture above, after i have hit the cue ball.

You can see the distinct “V” shape that Ronato Alcano’s fingers create.

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