DVD Review by Tom Shaw

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Lee Brett also brings something extra to his instruction knowledge of snooker instruction.

“The Secret Art of Pool” Two-hours and twenty-five minutes, is all about pool,

but the heavily accented Brit knows what snooker tricks can be added to the game,

and that opens up a whole new approach.

He’s coached many top pool players, and has developed a unique approach to

many aspects of the game, each of which deserves your serious consideration.

In particular, the pre-shot routine (and “the box”), stance (borrowed from snooker),

cueing action, and rhythm are especially valuable. Not that they’re the only things

to watch for.

By the time you’re done watching the DVD the first time you may decide to re-engineer your entire game. Almost every one of his ideas will be new to you. Some because

they are the tried and tested knowledge of world-class snooker players, but most of

them because they come from Brett’s own study and experience of how

people play pool and how they could play better.

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