Lee Brett Sets World Record

Lee “Lightning” Brett and Jing Gicoso set new tour records last month. Lee Brett posted a new tour record for Behind the Rock Tour for high score previously set by Tommy Najar back in September of 2011.

Najar’s record was a solid 139 with 5 Snap games, 2 consecutive Snap games, 1 COE and 1 Cut game. Brett crushed Najar’s match statistics with 7 Snap games and 1 COE for a score of 154. If you’ve never played the game 211 before let me tell you these scores are a feat to be reckoned with.

Lee Brett comes to us from Liverpool. He was an outstanding snooker player in Europe and is now making his name in the USA playing pool. The name “Lightning” was given to him for his rapid and deadly accurate play. Lee is also a coach and trainer with a published DVD and instructional book. BTRT is now selling his DVD and book on the website at www.behindtherocktour.com on the Store/merchandise page if you want to learn more about his unique technique that enabled him to set this world record playing 211.

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