The Accu-Rack System
The Accu-Rack System templates are the only templates on the market that work with worn out balls and on worn out cloth...

They also protect the rack area from damage from repeated breaks.

By combining superior geometric design and material choice The Accu-Rack System templates provide consistent, accurate racks that allow the balls to spread as if they were broken on professional grade billiard cloth.

The proprietary design allows even the worst ball sets to be frozen as long as the key ball in the rack is not the farthest out of spec. So now regardless of how often your favorite room replaces ball sets you will be able to get consistent accurate racks.

By choosing a material that mimics the friction of the cloth several other improvements were realized aside from making the rack speed and hit sensitive. The Accu-Rack templates can be hand washed when dirty and can be ironed if severely creased or folded.

Instead of doing an 8ball template and a combo 9/10 template we made the decision to provide the 8ball template, 9ball template and 10ball template as The Accu-Rack System by Outsville. Sure it would have been more cost effective to do the combo 9/10 but the extra material sticking out in both games can cause pathing issues which is too high of a functional cost to pursue the savings.


  • The Accu-Rack SOLO will rack 8-Ball, 9-Ball or 10-Ball without leaving gaps even when you are playing on bad equipment with worn ball sets as long as the money ball is not the largest bal in the rack. No more slug racks... No more waiting for someone to rack the balls over and over or struggling to rack for yourself when the balls just don't want to freeze...


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