"Better Cueing Through Modern Chemistry" 


   While tips have been solely graded on hardness for years the winds of change are always blowing.  Coefficient of Restitution determines the feel and energy transfer of a tip. It's a measure of elasticity.  After years of R&D we have learned to control and increase the amount of COR normally found in leather.

   The Outsville Ki-Tech Single Layered is the first of several tips to be offered by Outsville to the cue sports market.  Single layered means no more delaminations and a greater ability to withstand impacts and remain at the hardness you purchased. The entire Ki-Tech line employs the use of COR testing to ensure quality, consistency and performance.


  All three grades of hardness are put thru entirely different processing. Most tip manufacturers simply use different amounts of pressure to create hardness grades. Outsville does not. Each grade is engineered and processed to provide the specific feedback and performance expected from each hardness grade.