World Class Instructor​
Author, Commentator & Referee.

Lee is the instructor for APA, the world's largest pool league. Lee has also coached and advised the Hong Kong National Team & many top players including John Morra, Shane Van Boening, Darren Appleton, Corey Deuel, Jennifer Barretta and many others.


Lee is known in his field as one of the world’s top billiard coaches, with a record to match with the success his players have achieved.


Author of The Secret Art Of Pool  instructional DVD & book series. Lee was the referee for bonus ball & has commentated for the US open 9 ball championships.


The Fundamentals Of Pool

Lesson 1 - Sighting/Aiming

Lesson 2 - Stance/Alignment

Lesson 3 - Bridge Hand/Arm

Lesson 4 - Backstroke/Pause

Lesson 5 - Follow through/Finish


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Lee has created the training academy for all levels of players, from amateurs to professionals. Inside you will find FREE videos, drills, material, articles & much more to enhance your game and take you to the next level. Click on the image to enter the academy.

Above is the Hong Kong Sports Institute where Lee trained their national team

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